martes, 25 de junio de 2013

New Beginning

Summer has just entered home and light is different since then. I have a feeling that hope and courage will help me achieve my dreams. This time, I am determined to enjoy a life free from sadness, suffering and stupidity that comes from staying ignorant, feeling jealousy and envying others lives.
I have decided to teach myself new habits, new thoughts, new posible ways of seeing life; and also, I have opened up to others to show me ways and helping me doing it. A friend told me that by reading one can travel anywhere in the world, so one can manage the jelousy when everyone goes on holidays but her.
I am beginning to use this strategy and I am doing quite well. It was useful to watch the film The Exotic Marigold Hotel and I highly recommend it. Some of its scenes show you life experiences and options which are really touching.
Sincerity to one's feelings leading to peace of consciousness...
Having one's voice in live leading to new opportunities and renewed selfsteem...
Finishing with old standhill relationships as to letting coming in new and fresh ones...
We can live a life, years going by, feeling emprisoned by guilt, reproaching oneself having or not having done whatever and you end up knowing that it was not so important anyway. It is a question of wanting to be happy and that implies being able to get in the motion of life and embracing change.
Have a lovely week!